22 Mind-Boggling Farm and Garden Results
Obtained Using Sonic Bloom

1. Strawberry yields, individual results have had increases of 300%.

2. 5 ft. alfalfa has been reported by users, with 100% increase in tonnage, 29% protein gives 30% increase in milk production.

3. Over 600 ft. Purple Passion Plant (Guinness World Record)

4. Sonic Bloom doubled the Active ingredient in Ginseng.

5. Apple yields increased 50%

6. Soybean harvest doubled.

7. Hot peppers mature 30 days sooner and produced twice as many peppers.

8. Sonic Bloom apples had 5-month shelf life.

9. Zinc content of apples increased 1750%.

10. Sonic Bloom matures tomato crop 35 days sooner and nearly doubled yield.

11. 16 foot high corn with three or four ears per stalk.

12. Accelerated growth of Black Walnut trees 300%. They are ready for sale in 20 years instead of 50 years.

13. Sonic Bloom increased sugar levels.

14. Sonic Bloom increased grape yields by 100% and sugars 2 percentage points

15. Sonic Bloom increased the size of cranberries by 66%.

16. Normally sterile tomato plant "suckers" are potted and produced tomatoes faster than from seed.

17. Blueberries were the diameter of a nickel and ripened 2 weeks sooner.

18. Cucumber plants produced 3 times as many cucumbers.

19. Sonic Bloom reduced irrigation requirements up to 55% in some cases.

20. Sonic Bloom tomatoes had a roadside, fruit stand and shelf life twice as long as untreated plants.

21. Produce buyers drove extra distances in order to buy Sonic Bloom produce because of its incredibly delicious flavor.

22. Chrysanthemum flowers doubled in quantity and mature in 4 weeks.