"Frequently Asked Questions About Sonic Bloom"


Q: To begin, what exactly is SONIC BLOOM?

A: SONIC BLOOM is a revolutionary new system to enhance plant growth naturally. Dan Carlson, a research scientist, has developed a concept which involves the unique combination of sound and a specially developed foliar spray.


Q: Yes, but how does it actually work?

A:The special sound is made up of harmonic frequencies which stimulate the tiny pores on plant leaves to open. When these pores, called stomata, are open, the plant is able to increase its uptake of SONIC BLOOM balanced nutrient by over 700%.


Q: Yes, but if the sound increases absorption by so much, won't any foliar spray work with the SONIC BLOOM sound?

A: This is an important point. Dan Carlson discovered the sound almost 20 years ago, but it took 15 years of painstaking development to create a nutrient to complete the system. The problem was that a huge increase in absorption tended to magnify any imbalances and elements could become locked up as a result. So the sound and the balanced nutrient are inseparable. This is the world record-breaking combination, and trials have shown other combinations to be ineffective.


Q: Okay, SONIC BLOOM is the clever balance of a sound and a nutrient. Now, how often do they need to be applied?

A: This varies form crop to crop. Vegetable, for example, require sprays every 7 to 10 days, while tree crops need a monthly spray: 5 to 7 sprays is ideal for most things. The sound should be applied as often as possible, particularly early in the morning when the dew is still on the leaves. Dew actually contains free floating nutrients and when it is absorbed so effectively it can provide both drought protection and increased growth.


Q: Now, how exactly are the spray and the sound applied?

A: The commercial Sound Units are activated by a solar cell which turns them on at daylight and off at nightfall. They are powered by a 12 volt battery and are fully weatherproof. They are usually mounted on a pole or tree in the middle of a growing area. These commercial units are available in three different sizes: (a) Model I unit covers 1 to 5 acres; (b) Model II unit covers 25-40 acres; and (c) Model III unit covers 60 acres. Multiples of these units are used in larger acreage's.

The patented sound generator units produce an oscillating frequency which is an essential part of the SONIC BLOOM process. Sound unit must be operating in the area to be sprayed for at least 30 minutes prior to spraying (45 minutes is optimum). After spraying, sound unit should be left running for remainder of the day (minimum requirement at least 2 hours).

It is recommended that sound units be tractor mounted during outdoor spraying. Maximum volume at point of spray delivery is essential (Model II unit is recommended as it comes apart to produce two speakers. One speaker on the front facing forward and one on the back of the tractor facing to the rear.

To mix the SONIC BLOOM nutrients, pour SONIC BLOOM into the sprayer and then add water with force for proper agitation. DO NOT use rusted spraying equipment. Spray as early in the morning as possible, as this helps the plants absorb more dew and moisture. DO NOT spray when the temperature drops below 52 degrees. It is not essential to run sound units on days when SONIC BLOOM is not being applied. However, it is advantageous to operate sound units each morning while dew is on the leaves and in late afternoons until dusk.


Q: Will the sound affect my animals or annoy my neighbors?

A: No, the sound doesn't worry animals at all and is inoffensive, so there's no problem (the sound attracts song birds and birds of prey). Model 1 and II units include a volume control to govern the right amount of sound for the size of the area to be treated. The larger commercial units should not be situated near a house. From a distance they become a back-ground noise similar to crickets; but if too close, they could annoy.


Q: Are fertilizers still necessary or is SONIC BLOOM the complete substitute?

A: SONIC BLOOM is not a fertilizer. It is a plant enhancer. We always recommend that the grower continue to fertilize as usual. After SONIC BLOOM treatment you can expect a rapid growth, earlier maturity and good yield increases on top of what you would normally expect. You can experiment later and reduce fertilizer costs. Many of our growers do, but initially it's best to carry on as normal.


Q: SONIC BLOOM apparently has the ability to heal sick plants. Can it be used as the perfect problem solver?

A:: No. It's a mistake to treat SONIC BLOOM as a "cure all". It increases plants health by providing greater nutrients. A soil analysis is always recommended. SONIC BLOOM will not overcome a major soil deficiency. It may help, but ultimately the problem must be addressed.


Q: Is the system easy to use? Is it as simple as "play, spray and grow" or is a degree in chemistry necessary to follow instructions?

A: Yes, basically it's just "play, spray and grow", but there are a few rules that must be followed to fully benefit from the system. These are clearly explained in the SONIC BLOOM SPRAY Manual available on any Sonic Bloom Music CD, with the Home and Garden Kit, or all Farm Kits.


Q: The nutrient is totally organic, but isn't it a bit like force-feeding the plant, using sound to increase absorption?

A: The only way to answer that is to suggest that you look at the end result. SONIC BLOOM treated plants are obviously more luxuriant and healthy. They are more disease and pest resistant, produce more, and live a lot longer. It depends on your criteria but it would be very hard to deny that these are happy plants.


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