Dan Carlson - Creator of Sonic Bloom - Wilson Mill's Orchard

Great success at the Wilson Mill's Circle K Orchard

Wilson Mill's Circle K Orchard, has used Sonic Bloom for 8 years. He gets larger apples, healthier trees, bigger yields, better fruit quality, fewer insects, higher sugar level, earlier maturity, and a shelf life of five months.

Yield is 490+ bushels/acre (vs. 290 average). Labs confirm his fruit boasts 1750% zinc, 300% chromium, 400% copper, 126% potassium.

He beats his competitors to market by two weeks!

This process was developed by Dan Carlson and integrates the application of trace elements such as Potash, Copper, Iron and Manganese with a sonic stimulation of the leaf surface. The apparent results of this effort have been:

  • Larger Yields
  • Healthier Trees
  • Higher Fruit Quality
  • Less Insect Problems
  Apple Trees Treated with Sonic Bloom
(click photo for larger view)
Apple Tree without Sonic Bloom



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