Dr. Dan Carlson, Creator of Sonic Bloom

Dan Carlson

Dr. Dan Carlson 
Inventor and Developer of Sonic Bloom

While serving in the Korean conflict, Dr. Carlson saw such disturbing evidence of hunger that when he returned home he dedicated his life to the elimination of world hunger.


Dr. Dan Carlson Biography:

United States Armed Forces, 1961-1963, Experimental Sheet Metal Technician, Hughes and Douglas Aircraft Companies, Los Angeles, California, 1965 - 1969, Chief Executive Officer Director of Research, Dan. Carlson Scientific Enterprises, Inc. 1980 to present.

Education: University of Minnesota, 1963 - 1969. Experimental College; University of Minnesota, 1969 -1975. - B.S. Plant Breeding; World University, 1990 - Dr. Degree.

Publication References: Black Engineer, Summer 1985 Sound Nutrition, "Will Music Eliminate World Hunger?”, Secrets of the Soil, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, 1989, Harper & Row, "Good Vibrations, A sound Diet' for plants", The Growing Edge, Spring 1991; Institute in Basic Life Principles, Aug_ 2000, Vol. XV71; TLC for Plants, Canada's leading gardening magazine, Spring 1991, Super Memory, The Revolution, 1991, World Watch, May-June 1993, Windstar Foundation, Llewellyn's Lunar Gardening Guides, 1993-1994 "Sonic Bloom Creation Up Close", Acres U.S.A., A voice for Eco-Agriculture, 1985 - 1998, "Brave New Waves", Biotech News,. Special Report 2000, Tenth Anniversary Issue; Countryside and Small Stock Journal, July-Aug. 2002, Creation Illustrated 2003. 

Lectures: Dr. Carlson has lectured in over 15 countries in Europe, East Asia, South America, USA and Australia between 1986 and the present. Among these he was the featured speaker at IFOM Organic Symposium, Lincoln University, New Zealand; first American to be invited to speak at the Bio Tech Symposium in Tokyo, 1988; in 1993, he lectured to leaders of the Bio Research Group, representing 24,000 organic farmers. He is frequently featured on various radio broadcasts, most recently on the Millennium Radio Network, January 5, 2004.

Awards: “Prestigious awards for great agricultural accomplishments” from the Japanese government; Humanitarian of the Year, “for his unceasing dedication to alleviating hunger, pain, disease, and sufferings for the Peoples in the world”, Institute for Human Potential, 2002; Nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics, 2001; 2002, 2003; American Biography; Honor of Dignity; Man of the Year, American Biographical Institute, 2004; 21st Century Award for Achievement, International Biographical Centre, 2004; Biographical entry in the American Biographical Institute’s 2000 Greatest Minds of the 21st Century; International Biographical Centre’s 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century award; International Biographical Centre’s 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century Order of Excellence award, Nominated for Lifetime Achievement Award. Memberships: Honor of Dignity and Man of the Year 2003, American Biographical. International Biographical Centre’s International Scientist of the year 2004.