Giant Cricket, Music, Fiddler on the Grass

"Giant Cricket" Music – Fiddler on the Grass

Another researcher has found high frequency sounds so potent they could cure world hunger. That’s what plant researcher, Dan Carlson of Blaine, Minnesota, believes he has discovered. For years, various observers had noticed that plants sometimes seemed to grow faster and larger when exposed to music, especially classical music. However, results were inconsistent. After many years of extensive research, Carlson isolated a specific high frequency in the 5000 hertz range. Playing these high-frequency tones on an oscillating sound generator, he discovered that 5000 Hz makes plants breathe better. If plants could breathe better through sonics, could the same sound also help them to absorb nutrients better?

Carlson decided to try growth stimulants on the test plants at the same time the high-frequency sounds were played. Results were spectacular. His sonics seemed to cause plants to absorb nutrients sprayed on their leaves with up to a whopping700% greater efficiency than normal. Sonics alone or spray alone produced modest effects. Together, they were dynamite!

Carlson’s special pulsed high-frequency sonics of around 5000 Hz produced on an oscillator, sounded a lot like a giant cricket chirping in a meadow. He imbedded the pulsed sound in Oriental, Indiana, or classical music on tapes to develop a unique and listenable sound pattern – special dinner music for plants.

He played the special music tapes daily for half an hour and sprayed the plants with diluted plant nutrients (hormones and amino acids). The result? A phenomenal 99% growth increase for any plant. A 4 ½" purple passion plan treated to "giant cricket music" with dinner grew to 1400 feet long in 2-1/2 years. (Normal size – 18". That plant grew right into the Guinness Book of World Records.)

There was lots of competition: a 15-foot tomato plant with 836 tomatoes; rose bushes with 75 blooms each; double yields on beans and potatoes; Jojoba seeds that expanded 40% bigger and germinated in 20 days instead of 1 to 5 months.

Since then, Carlson has demonstrated that various plant yields can increase two to tenfold with his sound/spray treatment. He took over an old plantation in Hawaii with elderly, spindly trees and soon had everblooming trees producing 25-fold harvests of delicious avocados and macadamia nuts. Thousands of users and many science labs have now confirmed his results. Carlson believes that sound/spray treatment could aid famine-stricken areas. The plants produced by the treatment are also more nutritious; they’ve absorbed nutrients better. He found that the sound could help replace chemical fertilizer. He grew trees so rapidly he believes the method could also help solve the greenhouse effect.

-- Super-Memory: The Revolution, 1991